Challenge Family

What is Challenge

Challenge is a World Prestige Brand synonymous with Aspiration, Authenticity, Premium, Loyalty, Family, Sport, a circuit of events that travels the world obtaining promotion rates of immense value.

Challenge is not just a number of events all over the world, it is a way of life, of feeling, of sharing the sport, uniting the family through it.

A brand whose DNA is to enable economic promotion, offering collaboration and work to all the segments that cohabit around it, providing returns to all of them: institutions, federations, companies, volunteers, tourism, athletes, families, children, and more.

Since 3 years ago, the Challenge Brand has been present in the Canary Islands, with a constant evolution, bringing great value to society, in its selfless commitment to children. Bringing sports closer to children and making possible their great objective: NO CHILD WITHOUT SPORTS, due to lack of resources.

All this is achieved thanks to the countless collaborating companies that rely on the Challenge brand and where, thanks to different agreements, these companies are offered marketing services in exchange for these collaborations.

Also the big Challenge events with a great world promotion, help us to raise funds for that great objective.