Challenge Family

Why Challenge Canarias

The evolution of sport for the benefit of society

Because we care about people: our events are different, quality events, events held by professionals, events where people do matter.

Because we care about children: events where a large part of their resources are allocated to a charitable cause: No child without sports.

Because the strength of the events: we channel it to create a social good, contributing values ​​to the society we live in.

Because we are different: our values, principles, organization, education and professionalism are totally different from what you know.

Because we believe in our principles: integrity, solidarity, companionship, sacrifice, effort, conciliation are some of those that we are governed by.

Because we believe in Integrity: no children without sports.

Because Family Conciliation is vital through sports, fostering the values ​​of the family and adding time to share, very much lacking today.

Because we have an organized business structure. The company and sports have to go hand in hand for the collective good, without losing the values ​​of the sport, and that is what makes us very strong.

Because we are sports lovers: all of us who form Challenge, are or have been athletes and our lives, souls and thoughts revolve around their principles and values.

Because we seek and offer services for our members. If, in addition to living sports, we can help our family's economy, why not do it?

Because our promotion is global: due to the global impact of the Challenge brand, all our collaborators obtain impressive impacts, which can hardly be achieved otherwise.